LIMITED LIFETIME WARRANTY hereby warrants that all wheel adapter, spacer or hub ring products that we manufacture and sell will be free from defects in materials and workmanship, and that, in the event that a defect in material or workmanship occurs in any product that we sell, we will repair or replace, at our option, that product, free of charge, including shipping one way, for the lifetime of the product.

This warranty applies to the original purchaser and is not transferable to another party and does not apply to any purchaser who bought the product from a reseller or distributor not authorized by


It is not necessary for the customer to return a warranty registration card. Return Authorizations, or RAs, are required for all Limited Lifetime Warranty claims. Do not ship your product back prior to receiving an RA number from RAs can be requested by calling

Customer must return the product to, along with the original purchase receipt and proof of payment, after having obtained from us, an RA number.

We will then make the determination as to whether to repair or replace the product, or to issue a refund. The repaired or replaced product will be shipped to the customer at our cost, or a full refund will be issued.


This warranty does not apply or extend to any deterioration, breakdown, or damage whatsoever to any vehicle, structure, or to anything else, or to any injury whatsoever to any person, or to personal inconvenience or damage of any sort, which occurs or occurred in conjunction with the use of any of our products.

This warranty also does not apply if we deem that the product was not installed properly, according to our instructions, particularly regarding the use of high pressure tools, OR WAS NOT INSTALLED BY A PROFESSIONAL MECHANIC, or was installed in such a way that the wheel does not sit perfectly flush on the spacer *, or was abused, misused, neglected, altered, modified, not properly maintained, or damaged in an accident.

This warranty also does not apply if the customer cannot provide the original purchase receipt and proof of payment, or has not obtained an RA number from us before returning the product.

* Some applications require that factory studs be trimmed (shortened) to allow the wheel to sit perfectly flush on the spacer/adapter. If this is not done, vibration can occur, which could lead to other problems, none of which are covered by this warranty.