Hub centric rings remove the gap between the vehicle hub and the wheel bore. A hub centric ring eliminates the annoying vibration caused by non hub piloted wheels.

Manufacturers commonly make wheels with oversized center bores thus fitting more vehicles.

Hub centric rings are designed to remove the gap between vehicle hub and wheel bore. Hub centric rings eliminate vibrations caused by non hub piloted wheels.

Do you have vibration issues on your aftermarket wheels?

Have you tried to balance and rebalance your wheels?

Hub centric rings can help to eliminate this vibration.

What Are Hub Centric Rings?

Hub centric rings are designed to fill in the gap between the hub of the car and the center bore of the wheel. Most aftermarket wheel manufacturers design their wheels with a centerbore large enough to fit on most cars. These wheels have a larger bore diameter than the hubs of the vehicles they are made to fit onto, as a result they are not hubcentric to your vehicle which causes vibration. Made from durable heat resistant materials hub centric rings fill this gap and ensure the Wheel is installed perfectly centered on the vehicles hub which helps to eliminate the vibration.

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Are Hub Rings Only For Aftermarket Wheels?

Although the Hub Centric Rings are mostly used for centering aftermarket wheels onto your vehicle, Hub rings can also be used when mounting stock wheels from one make and model vehicle onto a different make and model vehicle which has the same bolt pattern, but a smaller hub. This again creates a gap between the centerbore and the hub of the vehicle, resulting in wheels that are not mounted hubcentricly unless hub rings are used. If you are putting stock wheels from another model vehicle onto yours, email us at with the make, model and year of your vehicle as well as make, model and year of the vehicle the wheels are originally from and we will let you know what hub centric rings you should use to center the wheels.

What Size Hub Centric Rings Do I Need?

Using our Hub Centric Ring Application Search select your cars make, model, and year along with your wheel's manufacturer,then our database will decide the correct centering rings for your application, and if we have the correct size hub ring in stock, it will show up in our search results. During checkout we will ask you for more information on your wheels such as the model number and offset, to help with determining sizing. The more details you provide the faster we can verify the fitment and process your order. If your wheel manufacturer is not listed we may still have a hub centric ring for your application! email us at with any information you may have on your wheels and we will do our best to determine fitment with the information you provided.

Already Know The Size You Need?

Using our Hub Centric Ring Size Search input the inner and outer diameters of the hub rings you need and if we have a hub ring with those specification in stock, it will show up in our search results. If we do not have the size listed that you're looking for we may be able to custom make your rings! Please email us at with the inner and outer diameters you need and we will email you back with a quote to custom make your rings.

What Is The Best Tool For Measuring The Bore?

If specs are not available for your wheels, the next option is to measure your bore. The best tool is a vernier caliper ( usually sold at hardware stores ) this is because the bore measurement is not taken at the opening of the bore but from inside the bore where the walls are parallel to each other, which you are unable to do with a ruler. Because the opening of the bore on most wheels is made wider than the bore, measuring the opening of the bore will result in an incorrect measurement.