What are Wheel Spacers?

Wheel Spacers are used to:

change the back-spacing offset of after-market rims to fit correctly on your vehicle
widen the width of the vehicle for stability
push the tire out to deal with rub issues
add clearance to the front/rear end when wider rims and tires are being used
add clearance to the rear wheels for chains
move the rear wheels out so they track better with the front end (same width)

Wheel Spacers are used to spread the distance between bigger tires on dually trucks and will place your vehicle at the original manufactures (OEM) wheel offset when installing aftermarket rims.

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How to measure Even Bolt Hole Patterns:

Bolt Hole Patterns (BHP) are very easy to measure when you have an even number of holes.

Measure from the center of one hole, thru the center of the rim/axle, to the center of the opposite hole.
This can be in INCHES or MILLIMETERS.

INCHES will be in inch increments with graduations of 0″, 1/4″, 1/2″, 3/4″
MILLIMETERS will be in whole graduations with no decimal place.
if a metric measure has a decimal place then it should be a standard INCH measurement.

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How to measure 5 Bolt Hole Patterns:

We have found a lot of people have issues measuring odd number BHPs

The main one being 5-bolt.
The proper way to measure a 5 BHP:

  • start at the center of one hole
  • skip the next hole
  • measure to the next adjacent hole center
  • multiply this number by 1.05
  • this will give you a very close BHP number – so round up or down to a standard BHP

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