Wheel Spacers / Adapters / Hub Rings

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We sell to Kal Tire, Fountain Tire, OK Tire, Tireland Tire stores as well as Dealerships and 4×4 Accessory Outlets.
We ship across North America, including the Territories.

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What are Wheel Spacers?

Wheel Spacers are used to widen the width of the vehicle for stability and to add clearance to the front end when wider rims and tires are being used. Wheel Spacers are used to spread the distance between bigger tires on dually trucks and will place your vehicle at the original manufactures (OEM) wheel offset when installing aftermarket rims.

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What are Wheel Adapters?

Wheel Adapters are used to change the bolt-hole pattern on the vehicle to match the bolt-hole pattern on the rim. Wheel Adapters are useful if an axle swap has been done to make all hubs the same bolt-hole pattern. Wheel Adapters can also be used to put on aftermarket rims with different bolt-hole patterns.

What our Wheel Spacers / Adapters are made from:

At Wheelspacers.ca we manufacture our wheel spacers, wheel adapters and Hub-Rings from aircraft grade 6061-T6 extruded billet aluminum and premium “new steel” on CNC mills and lathes. We used Raybestos and Dorman  studs, some Papco and Moroso studs depending on the application and OEM Automotive open end nuts which are press-in with a 20T press.

* This means that our studs are “off-the-shelf” and can be found at any major automotive store like Napa Auto Parts.
* The stud part number is on our invoice.
*** Try finding a replacement stud for a cheap Chinese Spacer!       “not going to happen”

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‘Made in China’ wheel spacers:

Chinese wheel spacers, wheel adapters and hub-rings are mostly made from Aluminum chips which North American companies such as Wheelspacers.ca take to the recyclers. Chinese manufacturers press these scrap aluminum chips and shavings into castings and forgings with great tonnage and heat. Sometimes they might even impact the aluminum ‘slug’ to try to make it denser.
The spacers made in China are of a softer, lower grade aluminum which can be ‘porous’ and ‘gummy’.Chinese Forged
The studs and nuts which are supplied with the Chinese spacers are typically grade 10.9, a lower grade to what is commonly found on our North American made vehicles.
The above generalized information is what we at Wheelspacers.ca have found out.  We are not saying that all Chinese manufactures are like this, but ultimately “You get what you pay for”.

This is the main reason why we feel spacers Made in China are ‘Cheaper’.

We now fix Chinese wheelspacers and adapters – steel or aluminum.

We have replaced studs, resurfaced the mounting faces and fixed the conical nut seats.

Have a set of spacers which now have the wrong studs in them? we can change the thread pitch to what you need most of the time.

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What are Hub Rings?

Hub Centric Rings are used to resize the vehicle hub to an ‘after-market’ rim hub. The hub of the vehicle is used to center the rim instead of relying on the cone nuts or bolt to center the rim. This enables the tire/rim assembly to run more true reducing vibration.

What we do

We manufacture wheel spacers and adapters and hub-rings:

  • up to 4” thick (or thicker).
  • hub-centric with the same hub diameters or different hub diameters.
  • with interfering bolt hole patterns (not all are possible, call to find out).
  • We now fix Chinese wheelspacers

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Downloadable Forms

PDF Wheel Spacer Order Form PDF Wheelspacer Flyer
PDF Custom Wheel Spacer Order Form
PDF Wheelspacer Install Instructions

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